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Phoneblok!!! Motorola is doing awesome things, too ....

A few months ago, the idea of the Phoneblok came up (see at the bottom of this page). Now the creator of Phoneblok met a few big companies like Phillips, Nokia, Ubuntu and Motorola. Motorola (which is owned by Google) liked the idea and started the Project Ara. Motorola wants to work together with Phoneblok and the community of Phoneblok to build the phone. I think that this was a very important step to the future of Smartphones. Visit for more information.

Samsung is doing awesome things...

...the Galaxy Gear:
A smart watch! You can phone with it, use some apps and also can take pictures. 

...the Galaxy Round:
It is like the Galaxy Note III but it got a curved display.

Samsung Galaxy Note III

Is the best phone ever!!! It got Android 4.3 and a 5.7 inch display. It got 1080x1920 pixel and 386 ppi. It also is the phone with the best hardware, 3GB RAM and 32 build in storage but you can also put in a microSD. The camera got 13 megapixel and the front camera got 2 megapixel. On of the amazing things is the battery with the 4G version you can let it on standby for 380 days if you use it average you only have to loud it every 17 days.


The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c is the first time that two items in the same field of technology, but it could be a mistake. The production of the iPhone 5c has reduced about half of its phones that has been let out. People have been more into the more standered issues that they are used too, instead of trying something new. Even though color is just showing off, there is really nothing else that is different.

Steam OS

Valve is working on a new operating system which is optimist for gaming. They are working on a console too which will be more likely a computer.

the steam controller                                                     the console


Battlefield 4 beta

The close beta for Battlefield 4 began today,
if you bought Battlefield 3 premium or 
Medal of Honor Warfighter you can play it.
If not you have to wait until October 4.
In this moment there is only available 
the multi-player with on map (siege of
Battlefield 4 isn't very different from Battlefield 3 but it got a little bit better graphics and better animations.

X-box one and PS4 release date

Both consoles will be release in November 2014. If you want to buy the PS4 ($399)  you can do it at the November 15. If you want to buy the X-box one ($499) you will have to wait until the November 22. If you do know whether to buy the X-Box one or Playstation 4 watch this

The Surface new generation

RT:    Windows 8 RT
2:   Windows 8.1 RT
2 pro:   Windows 8.1 pro
RT:   10.6in
         1366x768 pixel
2:   10.6in
       1920x1080 pixel
2 pro:   10.6in
             1920x1080 pixel
RT:   2GB
2:   2GB
2 pro:   4GB
RT:   32GB
2:   32-64GB
2 pro:   64-512GB
RT:   $349
2:   $449
2 pro:   $889

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One vs. iPhone 5s

S4: Android 4.2.2
One: Android 4.1.2
iPhone: iOS7
S4: 2GB
One: 2GB
iPhone: 1GB
S4: 13MP / 2MP
One: 4MP / 2.1MP
iPhone: 8MP
S4: 5in / 441ppi
One: 4.7in / 469ppi
iPhone: 4in / 326ppi
S4: 5.38x2.75x0.31in
One: 5.41x2.69x0.37in
iPhone: 4.88x2.32x0.3in
S4: 130g
One: 143g
iPhone: 112g
S4: $605
One: $620
iPhone: $649

Google Glass


  1. I thought they didn't announce GTA for pc yet. Also, Battlefield 4 beta is awesome.

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